Business Intelligence implementation

We have already prepared BI Library for each industry to allow customer thing what will apply for their organization.

KPIs for Retail and Ecommerce

Human Resource & Executive Strategy

Client need to answer the below question

  • What are the most common causes of voluntary termination based on employee performance reviews?
  • Are our most satisfied employees the highest paid employees?
  • What is the deal mix between compensation and bonus to reward employees and motivate them to perform?
  • What percentage of our current employees are actively disengaged from work?
  • How effective are our learning programs? Does employee behavior change as a result of training?
  • Can I reduce my operating expenses by 10%? If so, what should we cut?
  • How much more would I have to invest in marketing to drive a 30% increase in sales next year?
  • Is the business on track to meet sales objectives this quarter?
  • How many of my direct reports are consuming BI reports and analytics each month?
  • Can I demonstrate with data 5 ways I have been effective and 5 areas of improvement?

Supply chain

  • How frequently are the same inspection errors being logged year over year?
  • How long does it take us to process paperwork and work through procurement processes relative to the time it takes to deliver the goods?
  • Do partners value improvements in process reduction time relative to our peers? What is the monetary impact of delays or missed deadlines?
  • Can we eliminate the number of touches in the supply chain process to reduce failures?
  • Based on the existing data available in our current BI tool, what types of decisions could I make if other sources of internal data were available for analysis?

Marketing & Sales

  • Which digital marketing channels or combination of channels do sales qualified leads have a propensity to engage in?
  • Do certain regions have an affinity for purchasing our products? If so, what problem are they actually solving?
  • What blog subject lines are driving the most engagement? Is there a formula that works for us?
  • Do repeat customers have an affinity for promoting our products on social media?
  • How much marketing budget would I need to source leads that would convert to “x” sales target?
  • On average how long do leads stay in the opportunity stage before making a purchase?
  • Does the speed at which we reach out to a new lead impact the ability to have a sales conversation?
  • What are our top three most profitable customer segments?
  • Does my current commission structure motivate my sales reps to their full capacity?
  • What collateral and materials do my top 20% of reps typically leverage in deal cycles?

Our Sample BI Analytics Dashboard that we provided:

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