Performance tuning Database & Application

Our expert has resolved the problem with bot Database and Application performance for various client. Here are some points we enhanced

Database (SQL Server and Oracle, Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4j GraphDB)

  • Database Design
  • Tuning Database performance
  • Using Profiler, Extended Event, Query Advisor to detect where is raised the bottleneck, block.
  • Change the SQL query to reduce recursive and memory
  • Batch load and inline function
  • Using Set-base technique
  • Using flexible ETL to migrate Data
  • Build OLAP cube in memory
  • Design No-SQL technique: Cosmos DB, MongoDB, Cassandra, and Graph DB


  • Memory check
  • Application Memory Analysis
  • Using the checklist best practice to reduce time transfer data from client and server
  • Change architecture and Data process to get better performance
  • Integration solution for ESB, SOA, Cache, CQRS

Here is some case study we have been solved:

  • ESB and Kafka, Solr search solution for ecommerce System
  • Distributed system solution to enhance performance for EVN HN
  • Performance Tuning for EW Bravo Database
  • Migration/Synchronization Solution and implementation for AWS and Allium cloud

EVN Performance case study

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